Contemporary Surreal Artist 


Memories, Visions and Automatism

"Mesmerising"    "Emotive"    Beguiling"


'Little Noises', is the collective name of my pieces that questions play's psychology in adulthood, crossing paths with surrealism, romanticism, and symbolism. My apparitions therein comment on arts place within religion and my own beliefs.


My methods forge out my shadows' symptoms to decipher the indeterminate of what lies hidden. I create in solitude; in my safe place, I recapitulate the lonely feeling from the pit of my stomach to form visible works of art.


The existential pain transcends light and darkness through to my dreams and automatic visions. I travel in and simultaneously connect to them like a voyeur. Perplexing questions of the beastly that co-exists with pleasure, the ever-present stench of injustice—the merry-go-round of power, felt and observed, forcing me to face the past and the choices I have subsequently made. Reverting in time, I create a dialogue with my inner child. I seek, I find, I discover and uncover moments of 'change'. Reconnecting with toys and drawing aids from childhood, some that I would keep safe and others that I dissected with intrigue, rhymes, chants and songs; the lore of the playground. This nostalgic assemblage manifests into my practice. 


The magic of unstintingly playing, connecting with alternative realities brings about questions of identity. I lose myself and grapple with ever-changing and reoccurring thoughts creating disconcerting telepathic insistencies that bring the recollection of spiritual encounters.  Through this process of reconnecting, I recreate.

         Jennene Whiteley

Surreal Creative