Contemporary Surreal Artist & Illustrator


Memories, Visions and Automatism

"Mesmerising"    "Emotive"    Beguiling"

Paper doll. Dolls house. Latin. Harp. Religous. Hybrid creature. Surreal. ~No Body Puts Baby in a Corner. Feminst art.

         Jennene Whiteley MA
            Surreal Creative  
       England - United Kingdom

My work is eclectic.  I focus my artistic energy on creating bespoke statement pieces.  My first collection is: Jewel and Lace, unique pieces created from lace, textures and pieces of fused glass.  The impact is dramatic.  My Jewel and Lace collection is feminine and has a bridal feel.  The Wedding theme expands my artistic practice to create stunning pieces based on the wedding dress and that special occasion.  I accept private commissions to create bespoke artwork for your special day. The additional collection that accompanies the wedding collection is my surreal, gothic, abstract line works.  They are figurative and floral at the same time.

I embrace nature and aspects of feminist idioms.  From there, I create surreal portraits from life and my imagination.  I create them with fine liners and become embroiled in letting the images emerge from dots of ink.  I transcend into a lost time - this spiritual energy pours through onto the page. Some of these images are lovingly printed to create colouring pages of excellence for you to share in my journey and add your own creativity.

I find that when my art encounters my past, through memories and dreams I revert back to child and create with drawing tools from that era.   Memories to me are like ‘film stills’ and I capture those moments with my surreal cyanotypes.