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Symbolist figurative artist and teacher Jennene Whiteley:
CEO: Heart and Mind Colouring Pages
Workshops, Exhibitions and Art Fairs


Awarded Mentoring sessions: Harris Museum Preston UK via UCLan 2021

Section of #HarrogateArtFair #contemporaryartfairs#artshow#jennenewhiteleyart my collection
Harrogate Art Show Image #harroagteartfair#contemporaryartfairs#artshow

I was delighted to demonstrate my thread printing technique on Saturday at 1 pm in the theatre.

Review:  christopherlifemodelling

Standing out at the Harrogate Art Fair Jennene @jennenewhiteley her art captures elegant fluidity, movement and gesture 🥰

As I side-stepped the other art lovers walking the exhibition, my peripheral vision was caught by iridescent movement to my left and it was Jennene’s emotive art …

Wonderful to talk with her about her techniques and arty inspirations, sending her my best creative wishes 

East Marton village hall
Art classes Jan 2021-May 2021



So today ‘SHE IS EVERYWHERE’ was performed. I want to say a huge thank you to the participants;

And another massive thank you to those who came to document the happening;
Martin Greaves.

Commissioned by @pinkcollargallery


Video about the art and artist.

For lockdown projects and wellbeing

April-June 2021 Artist in residence for

Ten sessions dedicated to creativity and wellbeing.  Supported by the NHS psychotherapy services.

Image from a collaborative piece.
Learning in-and-within relation (after Édouard Glissant). Hanover Project
My contribution: Ashes to Nothing  -  Nothing to Ashes


Magical Women

Communication Card Mantras 

Visit the site for more information and to join this ND group:

Affirmation messages for to show to people to understand how you feel at that moment
A piece of art used as a card to show to people so they understand how you feel at that moment.

I feel sensitive, please smile at me

I need you to talk softly

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